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The environment and our responsibility

One of the issues dominating modern life, and rightly so, is how we interact with our environment and the question of its sustainability in the long-term. After all, it is the human population that is affecting and impacting the environment to an ever-increasing degree with production processes, consumer attitudes and day-to-day habits.

The world-wide energy requirement and consumption for the HEATING and COOLING of our buildings has a considerable influence here. In the Federal Republic of Germany, for example, this amounts to approx. 40% of the total primary energy consumption.

The sustainable safeguarding of our way of life presupposes that we are successful in reducing energy consumption and using environmental energies to an increasing degree.

System technology used in the future is of key significance here. In addition, it should offer a high degree of comfort and not lead to additional harming of the environment during production processes, operation or disposal.

The following pages should provide sufficient evidence to convince you that synthetic capillary tube mats developed and manufactured by us make up a key global component in coming closer to achieving this objective


Clina-Kapillarrohrsysteme Clina-Kapillarrohrsysteme Clina-Kapillarrohrsysteme
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